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Is it T-shirt weather yet?

Spring will come some day. We are almost sure of it!

Spring will come some day. We are almost sure of it!

All along the East Coast and New England, residents are breaking out the bad language. First they were stoic, then humorous, but now they are just downright angry. These normally pleasant people have had enough of winter. Especially in Boston where record-low temperatures conspire with record-high snowfall – even the New York Times calls this winter “Boston’s Winter From Hell.” (You can read the article here.)

Many of us heretofore considered Hell a little bit warmer. But now we know better. Which brings us to this important perennial question: “Is it T-shirt weather  yet?” Depending on how hardy a soul you are, T-shirt weather might be 65 degrees. Our Southern friends might not consider baring arms until the temperatures reach the upper 70’s.

With the Vernal Equinox, the official start of Spring, less than a month away, we thought we’d take a look at some regional forecasts for shirtsleeves season, T-shirt weather.

Let’s say that for the average T-shirt lover, 70 is warm enough to go out there in just a T. Given this 70 degree benchmark we took a look at average high temperatures in some of our nation’s larger cities.

T-shirt season comes to these cities in April:

T-shirt season comes to these cities in May:
Kansas City

T-shirt season does not come to these cities until JUNE!

We are so sorry, Boston! Being a Vermont company, we are in the same, chilly seasonal boat. Can we recommend something in nice long-sleeve t-shirt or maybe a nice warm sweatshirt?

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Yes, Fall is coming, but it is Still Summer Right Now!

Even as we gear up for school and Rush Week and sports and books and studying and reunions with friends and getting back to business, let us not forget that it is still summer! There are still more than five weeks left of summer! Fall does not officially begin until September 23rd. It is still t-shirt season in much of the country! There is still time to get the most of your summer.

ukeCarpe diem! Summer is short and its peak is upon us, the time to act is now! Here are ten of our favorite tips for seizing the most of each of the sweet days left of summer:

  1. Make a plan. Create a schedule. Put it on your calendar – with notifications! Your Google calendar can help you have more fun.
  2. Be spontaneous. This may sound completely contrary to  Carpe Summer tip number one, but the fun, uninhibited nature of spontaneity is food for the creative process. Get your brain on board and you might just have a great time!
  3. Stick around. Instead of spending hours in the car driving to the beach or the mountains, step outside your door and take a walk over to your local swing set, basketball court, bookstore, cafe, farmers market, swimming pool, public garden. You might just fall in love with what is right around the corner. Be here now.
  4. Take a big trip. Here we go again with contrasting recommendations! Get out of Dodge and see the world with new eyes. Commit to taking an adventure. Stick a toe out over the edge of your comfort zone. Getting away will give you a fresh perspective. What could be better than a summer road trip?
  5. Revisit recess. You don’t have to be a kid or even in school in order to revisit recess. Have some simple fun. Jump rope, swing on the swings, kick off your shoes, splash in mud puddles, sing at the top of your lungs.
  6. Play Hookie. You don’t have to be in school in order to do this either. Your job probably offers a few sick days. Take a healthy day instead. Call in well and get some personal time in the fresh air.
  7. Pick up the Ukelele. Ok it does not have to be the uke, but you have to admit that the uke is one of the cutest instruments! Learn something new! Whether it’s Tai Chi, bungee jumping, or underwater basket weaving, your brain will thank you.
  8. Turn off your phone. Your electronic devises are out to get you. Take the upper hand and turn them off! You’ll find more time to enjoy the things that really matter.
  9. Make a new friend. How does that song go? Make new friends, but keep the old…? Friends are good for your mood and your self-esteem. Making a new friend keeps it lively and exciting.
  10. Service. There are few things more enriching than helping others. It makes you feel awesome while it makes others feel valued. Service to others is a confidence booster that even has scientifically proven health benefits Talk about win-win!

Put on your t-shirt and get out there! There is still time to have a Happy summer!

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June 19th is World Sauntering Day

For Comfort Colors, a company based entirely on comfort and the pleasures of the weekend, World Sauntering Day is just about the best holiday we’ve ever heard of. Who knew such a day existed? We do now and we’re going to celebrate by sauntering right into summer and t-shirt season.

June 19 is world sauntering daySaunter is a terrific verb. It means to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort. Saunter is also a terrific noun that describes a leisurely stroll. Other wonderful words with similar saunterly connotations include amble, dawdle, drift, meander, sashay, glide, wander, ramble, promenade, roam, lollygag, traipse, and mosey.

World Sauntering Day’s Facebook page describes sauntering this way: “It is simply to walk slowly, preferably with a joyful disposition. Sauntering has been spoken of most notably by many of the naturalist writers in history including Henry David Thoreau and John Burroughs.” When you saunter, you saunter in good company indeed!

This unique holiday was originally started at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. Mackinac Island is a resort island on Lake Huron at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac (people from Michigan automatically make their left hand into the mitten-shaped map of Michigan to point out exactly where in the state this is). A “summer colony” accessible only by ferry, the island prohibits the use of motor vehicles. Bicycles, horse-and-buggy, and sauntering are the primary modes of transportation on Mackinac.

It is worth noting that the Grand Hotel’s front porch is the longest front porch on record. Plenty of room for sauntering and probably rocking chairs. This is precisely the kind of comfort Comfort Colors is all about.

In some places World Sauntering Day is celebrated on August 28th, But why wait? The weekend is nearly upon us!

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