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Is it T-shirt weather yet?

Spring will come some day. We are almost sure of it!

Spring will come some day. We are almost sure of it!

All along the East Coast and New England, residents are breaking out the bad language. First they were stoic, then humorous, but now they are just downright angry. These normally pleasant people have had enough of winter. Especially in Boston where record-low temperatures conspire with record-high snowfall – even the New York Times calls this winter “Boston’s Winter From Hell.” (You can read the article here.)

Many of us heretofore considered Hell a little bit warmer. But now we know better. Which brings us to this important perennial question: “Is it T-shirt weather  yet?” Depending on how hardy a soul you are, T-shirt weather might be 65 degrees. Our Southern friends might not consider baring arms until the temperatures reach the upper 70’s.

With the Vernal Equinox, the official start of Spring, less than a month away, we thought we’d take a look at some regional forecasts for shirtsleeves season, T-shirt weather.

Let’s say that for the average T-shirt lover, 70 is warm enough to go out there in just a T. Given this 70 degree benchmark we took a look at average high temperatures in some of our nation’s larger cities.

T-shirt season comes to these cities in April:

T-shirt season comes to these cities in May:
Kansas City

T-shirt season does not come to these cities until JUNE!

We are so sorry, Boston! Being a Vermont company, we are in the same, chilly seasonal boat. Can we recommend something in nice long-sleeve t-shirt or maybe a nice warm sweatshirt?

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Punny Marketing and T-shirt Design

First there was K-Mart’s “Ship My Pants” then there was Ben and Jerry’s “Shirt Happens” (the name of the ice cream giant’s t-shirt design competition). Fun puns, no doubt. But some people did not love them. The organization, One Million Moms (OMM), for example, was not amused by K-Mart and started a social media campaign against it. The Vermont ice cream shirt pun is not likely to draw that kind of opposition.

The news is filled with stories about ads and t-shirt slogans that made people angry, got kids kicked out of school, got travelers kicked off airplanes. The new “husband beater” t-shirt has caused quite a stir (Please, people. Let’s just call them tank tops.). Even Nike’s popular Boston Massacre t-shirt (the shirts refer, of course, to the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry) was pulled off the shelves in the days immediately following the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

As a business owner, do you ever advocate for the softer side of sarcasm? Do you ever try to discourage a potentially injurious or just plane tasteless t-shirt design? If you do, we’d love to hear your stories about some of the subtle ways you help your colleagues and customers make the right choices about what they print. Edgy is all fun and games until it backfires.

In the meantime, we will stick with good, clean puns. Comfort Colors reminds you that irony is the opposite of wrinkly. And a good pun is it’s own reword.

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You are What You Wear: Dress Codes, T-shirts and Summer

Male_dress_code_in_Western_cultureYou are what your wear. What does this mean when there is a dress code?

Each profession, each school, each social setting, even each region has its own dress code. School dress codes are designed to create homogeneity. Business dress codes, on the other hand, aim to stratify. Think power suit.

Differences in regional dress codes can be fairly dramatic. Business Vermont might include, LL Bean boots depending on the season, but Business Boston is all Brooks Brothers and wing-tips.

Check out Wikipedia’s guidelines for “Male dress code in Western culture” pictured here on the right. Formal attire depends on the time of the event. Before 6pm, styles are closer to semi-formal, but after 6 guys have to dress pretty much like James Bond – strictly black tie or white tie.

We could not find a similar chart for dress codes for women in Western culture. This is not surprising as women’s fashion changes by the minute.

Some countries have pretty strict dress codes. The travel blog Gadling.com sites the top 5:

  1. France – Ban on burqas and niqabs
  2. Saudi Arabia – Ban on bare skin and cross-dressing
  3. Bhutan – Required gho for men and kira for women in public (a gho is a a knee-length robe; a kira is a kimono)
  4. North Korea – No pants for ladies and hair cuts for man
  5. Sudan – No make-up for men and lashes for pant-wearing women

It looks like you’ll have to break out your long-sleeved Comfort Colors Ts if you are traveling East. But Summer Saturdays in private are still all you: Comfort Colors Frockets and Chacos…

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