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The Haute Hoodie: Comfort Colors or Saint Laurent?

MiamiViceOur primary dye houses are in Vermont and Massachusetts. These states have much in common: Vermont has the Green Mountains, Massachusetts has the Berkshires. Both states have mud season, both have fall foliage. Fashions in these two New England states are also similar, especially on Saturdays and at college: jeans and hoodies rule.

But when it comes to dressing up, our two states differ somewhat. Take ‘business casual’ for example. In Vermont, this means almost anything but jeans. In Massachusetts, men wear blazers, women might even don stockings. In both cases, business casual has never included a hoodie…until now.

The hoodie has finally broken through the glass zipper into haute couture. T-shirts have always had a place in high fashion – remember Don Johnson in Miami Vice? Snug-fitting T, linen suit… Now it’s time for the hoodie (or even the crew-neck sweatshirt).

Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Dior are making a move on the comfortable sweatshirt. Add a leather mini skirt and some gold bling, et bien, Voila! You’re keeping up with the Joneses. Gym-inspired fashion apparel.

The price tag on some of these hoodies and sweats might very well make you start to sweat: $675.

The ladies full-zip Comfort Colors hoodie (pre-shrunk 80% cotton, 20% polyester 10-ounce) could certainly do justice to this little mini and imagine how much money you’ll have left to spend on your alligator briefcase!

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The Evolution of the Fleece Sweatshirt: Meet your New Favorite

Football uniforms used to be made of wool – hence the uncomfortable look on the face of the guy in the center (and his teammates).

The very idea of a fleece sweatshirt (with or without a hood) conjures up notions of casual comfort and Saturday afternoons with a good book or a football. But it wasn’t always that way. The original fleece dates back to the caveman, when fashion was a slave to function. The original hoodie dates back to the monks of Medieval Europe, whose parochial haircuts and devotional duties warranted the necessity for warm head gear that was easily doffed and donned.

The cotton sweatshirt as we know it today made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary in 1921 and on to the backs of athletes soon thereafter. The first crew neck sweatshirts were created to keep athletes warm before and after games. These utilitarian grey cotton pullovers were a welcomed change from the itchy wool sports uniforms of the day.

The discovery of the great outdoors in the early 1930’s created a demand for something lighter than the caveman’s original fleece. Modern outdoors men (and women) also needed better moisture wicking potential. The era of high-tech fabrics began; American ingenuity went to work to produce polar fleece. The union of fleece to the beloved cotton sweatshirt was only a matter of time.

This brings us to today and the new Comfort Colors heavyweight crew-neck and hooded pullover sweatshirts. The new generation of Chuoinard sweatshirts is still dyed with slow-fade pigments to create an amazingly soft hand and vintage look, but has better shape retention and is longer wearing than its predecessor. The 9.5 ounce fabric also provides greater range of motion than the older version. Other improvements include a better-fitting forward rolled shoulder, longer cuffs and waistband, a longer body, and a flat drawstring on the hoodie.

Contact Kevin Camisa to learn more about your new favorite. By all accounts, the switch to 80% ringspun cotton and 20% polyester perpetuates the kind of comfort and durability Comfort Colors sweatshirt fans have come to know and love.

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