Welcome to Saturday Style

Comfort Colors is about more than high-quality, comfortable t-shirts. Comfort Colors is an attitude. Color is the way we express ourselves; Comfort is the way we live our lives. Especially on Saturdays.

T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and sweats. We’ve got your favorite. Your “go-to.” Nothing fits like it. Nothing feels like it. That Saturday feeling comes with everything we make.

Comfort Colors. The name says it all…


The Man Behind The Shirt

A trained chemical colorist with a penchant for weekends, Barry T. Chouinard loves his job.

Colorful. Like the t-shirts he garment dyes, Barry has a vibrant personality. Part mad scientist, part benefactor, part poker player, he is the quintessential entrepreneur. He can often be found in the early mornings at the Dye House matching colors, controlling quality, or even dyeing a load of shirts.

Chouinard is the third generation of his family working in the textile industry; he honors tradition and hard work. His relationships, just like his t-shirts, are cherished and last for years.

At Comfort Colors, Chouinard’s customers are teammates; his staff is family. And you thought the name was just about the fabric…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. […] Barry T. Chouinard, the colorful chemist behind Comfort Color T-Shirts (quoting an NPR report) wonders if the mysterious Shroud of Turin was really made from nine yards of fabric.  […]

  2. Nancy Clarke says:

    When will color Granite be back in stock in the size large?! We wanted to add it to our product mix.

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