Ms. Comfort Colors 2012

BlueStacks just announced Ms. Mac 2012 and she is lovely. “The typical Mac user is a freckled woman in a T-shirt and jeans.” Here she is:


She shares many characteristics with Ms. Comfort Colors 2012. She is educated and has a penchant for jeans and Tees. Though we tend to stick to comfortable cotton fabrics and do not have an app, we do have a pretty good idea of the identity of Ms. Comfort Colors this year.

A little bird shared with us some of her qualities:

Ms. Comfort Colors 2012

ms comfort colors

  • She is comfortable with who she is
  • She does not need to fit in, though she can when she feels like it
  • She is a terrific college student
  • She is fit (though she should go easy on the Icy-Hot)
  • She is conscientious
  • She is loyal
  • She is fashionable when she wants to be

Please note Mr. Comfort Colors 2012 is somewhat harder to track down…We are convinced that he is very like Mr. Saturday Night.

Ms. Mac image credit:

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